Automatic aerial threats detection

Intelligent bird protection system for wind farms

Artificial Vision Wind Parks delivers automatic protection for birds in a given range. The system avoids the collision of the birds with wind turbines using active or passive methods.

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Intelligent aerial threats detection system for airports

Artificial Vision Airports is an automatic system that allows detecting aerial threats in the vicinity of an airfield or an airport with the purpose of avoiding risk situations during the airport operation. After this detection, it could be possible to trigger different actions to dissuade or capture this threat, depending on the type and the risk of the threat.

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Ease of use

The system does not use complex moving parts such as radars, only high resolution cameras are used. The images shown are an example of the real system operation.

It is possible to detect any type of aerial object or aerial threat.

The setup is really easy as well, given that there’s no need to perform any kind of calibration process or such, the only step in the setup is to actually fix the system to the point where it will be installed.

User friendly interface

Thanks to our control interface, the user can watch over multiple locations remotely even though this is not necessary normally given that the system can work autonomously.

The application allows the user to see video feeds in real time from different locations remotely. Also, the application can elaborate reports and statistics on the detections and taken actuations.

Main features

4K cameras

Threats detection is optimised using high quality and high resolution images.

Artificial Intelligence

A complex custom-made neural network for this purpose is the heart of our system

Video recording

Continuous video recording or depending on automatic detections

Automatic system (plug & play)

The system reports on any potential threat once it is turned on without any further action. No calibration process is needed.

Automatic actions

The system can be configured to take a number of active or passive actions depending on the type of the threats detected.

Independent or integrated on the network

Our system can work in a totally independent manner network-wise, or can be fully integrated with an existing network depending on project needs.

Up to 600m detection range

Threats detections up to 600m are possible due to the high performance of our neural networks

No moving parts

The lack of moving or complex mechanism lets the system to be very fault tolerant.

Our products

Detection Module

Each detection station can handle up to two 4K cameras for automatic bird detection with artificial intelligence. It can be installed in one or various wind turbines, in the outbounds of the wind park, in a weather station or in a environmental surveillance spot.

Control Module

Remote control station connected to any number of Detection Modules, the operator receives the state of all of them in real time.

It allows to configure automatic actions as well as elaborating complete reports.

Deterrence Module

Unattended and real time interaction with the systems to chase the bird away from the infrastructure that is being protected.

Windturbine Brake Module

Unattended and real time interaction with the wind turbine braking system for the security of the birds and wind turbines. The delay time and duration of the braking is configurable depending on the trajectory and/or proximity of the bird.

Reports Module

Report generation and information management from various Detection Modules in an automatic and centralised way.