Artificial Vision has a demonstration system installed in it’s own branch building, which is used to test and verify the functioning of the system itself.

We want to allow our clients and potential clients to be able to access to this system using the Reports Module so that they can analyze firsthand the results and effectiveness of the system.

This reports module is a web application that allows any person from any computer to access the results and detections that any number of Detection Modules are performing in real time. The results can be queried individually or in an aggregated way, to obtain statistics.

If you want more information, you can read the Reports Module Manual (Spanish) or contact us using the website contact forms or at


These are some statistics from the demo system in real time




Days working



Access to the demo application

To access the demo application you need a username and password. To obtain it, you can request one using this contact form totally free and with no strings attached.

    If you already own an username and password given by Artificial Vision, you can directly access the web application using the next link.

    We recommend reading the Reports Module user manual to properly understand how to use the application.