Detection Module


The detection module is an automated bird detection station. It consist of a computer with up to 2 4K cameras, which can detect birds in danger of collision in a range up to 600 meters.

The system works with artificial intelligence to provide automatic and real time bird detection. Images and video sequences can be recorded. It is possible to have an autonomous power supply system or it can be connected to the mains.

  • Night vision option with FLIR cameras.
  • Ultrasonic sensor option for bat detection.
  • Ultrasonic sequence records of approximation and evasion of bats.

It is possible to connect this module to other Deterrence Module and Windturbine Brake Module.


  • Detection Module (4K Camera + AI Computer)15.360€
  • Detection Module (2 4K Cameras + AI Computer)19.200€
  • Detection Module (4 4K Cameras + 2 AI Computer)38.400€
Prices shown apply to the first unit, they may vary depending on the number of units requested.


  • pdf Manual
    File size: 3 MB
  • pdf Installation Manual
    File size: 1,004 KB
  • zip Detections
    A compressed file containing different examples of pictures that have been detected in our detection module.
    File size: 47 MB


  • Automatic system
  • 4K cameras
  • Up to 600m detection range
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • No moving parts

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