• Detection Module
    Includes 8 cameras 4K, stereoscopic 3D vision, weatherproof cabinet & speaces recognition34.000€
  • Deterrence Module
    Includes 4 speakers to fully protect the WTG6.400€
  • Stop Module for Birds
    Includes the necessary hardware to send the stop signal to the WTG1.600€
  • Stop module for Bats
    Includes the necessary hardware to receive data from Internet and SCADA system and to send the stop signal to the WTG6.600€
  • Reports Module
    Includes a managed dedicated server with the report software and all the synchronized data2.000€

*All prices indicated for the first unit, these may vary depending on the inquired quantity.


  • Supervision and Preventive Maintenance
    This service is billed for every detection system installed, and includes monitoring of the system and its results, monthly reports, etc.3.000€

*Prices indicated in yearly period.

You can request advice to know which is the most adequate configuration for your situation and ask for a quote.