2 February, 2024 News

Visit us at our booth F-104 in Wind Europe 2024

Worried about bird and bat collisions with wind turbines? We have the solution! Join us at booth F-104 at WindEurope in Bilbao from March 20-22 to explore our revolutionary wildlife protection technology.

At Artificial Vision, we are leading the way towards sustainability in wind farms, and we want to show you how. Our automatic detection/dissuasion/stop system utilizes real-time artificial intelligence, 3D stereoscopic vision, and species recognition to prevent collisions with wind turbines.

Why visit our booth?

Discover the most advanced technology in wildlife protection for wind farms. Learn how our system can significantly reduce collisions and contribute to environmental conservation. Explore our solutions applicable in both Onshore and Offshore wind parks. Interact with our team of experts and experience live demonstrations.

We look forward to welcoming you at booth F-104 to showcase how we are transforming the wind energy industry with responsibility and commitment to the environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this innovation!