Wind parks


There is a huge problematic in the wind farms due to the high number of birds colliding with the wind turbines, which is in fact an important environmental problem. Here’s where out system comes to play, given that this is one of Artificial Vision Air Detection main applications.

Our automatic detect/dissuade/brake system can help enormously to alleviate this problem. Above you will find an enumeration of the most common different configurations, being each of one most adequate for one kind of different situation.

Not all configurations are covered in this list, given that is is possible to combine any of the products and it is necessary to study each situations independently.


Possible configurations with cameras placed at the nacelle or at the bottom of the tower


Avifauna Campaign – previous environmental study
Avifauna monitoring – Construction/operation of wind farms

With configuration its possible to elaborate an inventory of all of the species present in the whereabouts of the wind farm in a given time period. This period could be a couple of weeks, months or in a continuous way during the wind farm operation.


  • Módulo de Detección3
    Includes 8 cameras 4K, stereoscopic 3D vision, weatherproof cabinet & speaces recognition34.001€

Detection and dissuasion
Wind turbine / stand alone installations

This configuration allows the user to control a wind turbine independently with the Collision Avoidance Module if the detection is higher than a threshold.

Automatic and Unattended: does not require real time attention.


Remotely controlled wind turbine / wind farms

This configuration is able to watch over N number of wind turbines from the central control station. Each wind turbine is able to trigger the Collision Avoidance and/or the braking module.


  • Stop Module for Birds + Deterrence Module + Módulo Detección42.000€
  • Stop module for Bats + Deterrence Module + Módulo Detección47.000€

You can request advice to know which is the most adequate configuration for your situation and ask for a quote.