Airports cam be an excellent application for our system, given that it’s one the most sensitive infrastructures for airspace intrusion of any kind of object, may this happen naturally, accidentally or intentionally.

Birds have always been a problem in the airports runways, specially in geographical situations with a greater birds migration flow. But nowadays, the RPAS popularisation has fostered that this kind of incidents have grown in number.

Artificial Vision Air Detection fights this problem using just one technology solution, detecting every kind of aerial object that may pose a threat, be it birds or drones, and carrying out a number of configurable actions.

The configured actions listed below are just some suggestions of the most usual situations, but it is possible to develop any other configuration to tackle any situation.


Airports surveillance – Control tower

With configuration its possible to monitor the vicinity of an airport, detecting any airspace intrusion in real time. The Control Module application allows to watch and locate the threat in the map, also showing an image of it.

The operator of the application can receive warnings of different types, such as sounds, from different channels. It is possible to trigger an action to take for a given detection.


Data centres – Airport and police authorities
Environmental organism – Viability evaluations

This configuration allows the airport and police authorities to generate reports about the detections being made. It is possible to interconnect a whole network of Detection Modules and watch them from a single Control Module.

Also, all the generated detections data can be stored in a server, allowing to generate different type of reports and statistics, with the possibility to detect the responsible of an intentional intrusion.


You can request advice to know which is the most adequate configuration for your situation and ask for a quote.