4 March, 2024 News

First AI for forecasting avifauna flights in the future (7 days)

Using cutting-edge technology such as neural networks and meteorological data analysis, we have developed the first neural network to forecast bird activity in wind turbines for the next 7 days. This allows us to take proactive measures, such as reducing the speed of the turbine blades, scheduling maintenance, or coordinating ornithologist visits to the field, to prevent collisions and protect birds.

Additionally, our corrective measures include emitting high-intensity sounds to deter birds and automatically shutting down the turbines when birds are detected nearby.

This new functionality not only demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection but also highlights our ability to innovate and develop advanced technological solutions in the field of renewable energy.

At ArtificialVision, we are excited to continue leading the way towards a more sustainable future and look forward to continuing to collaborate with our clients and partners to make the world a better place for everyone.
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