5 February, 2019 News

Bird strikes: A real concern for pilots and Reno airport staff

Pilots flying in and out of the Reno-Tahoe International Airport face a safety concern every time they take off and land, and it’s not turbulence — but birds.

Airport staff go to great lengths to keep all critters out of the way of several-ton jets barreling down the runway.

“They’re in constant communication with our control tower, and they’re in constant communication with the pilots. They’re all talking together in a very well-orchestrated dance.” Brian Kulpin said, the Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority.

Federal Aviation Administration numbers show a number of animals and airplanes have collided over the years at the Reno airport. In 2009, there were nine bird strikes. The numbers spiked to 27 in 2013. Through October of 2018, the FAA showed there were 12 bird strikes at the Reno airport. Most of the strikes are minor, but last February the FAA reports that a bird caused moderate damage to a JetBlue plane.

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