23 August, 2018 News

The Andalusian government takes measures after bird deaths in wind farms

The Environmental and Territory Planning Office of the Andalusian Government is going to reinforce the preventive and corrective measures that the wind energy companies have been performing for more than seven years in the province of Cádiz and the rest of Andalusia to prevent the extinction and mortality of the Egyptian Vulture and other species and chiropterans provoked by strikes in wind farms.

To try to minimise the mortality because of strikes with the wind turbines, this Office has approved new instructions that will improve the already existing preventing measures and that will focus on redesigning the current environmental surveillance protocol of the companies. The measures include an increment on the timetables and staff for surveillance, reinforcement on the surveillance teams in periods and parks in which a greater mortality of threaten species has been detected, as well as improving the preventive-stopping system in all plants located in areas of intensive threaten species movement.

Other actions planned are related to the stopping of the wind turbines from July to October during the nights with wind speeds below 25 kilometres per hour, among other improvements. Furthermore, it is expected to execute a quality control system to the environmental surveillance taken in this parks once this new improvements are being executed.

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