3 March, 2020 News

Our system avoids birds deaths in wind farms

Antón Hernández

Artificial Vision CEO

Source: GuiadePrensa

Windturbines power generators have made a break through in Spain in the recent years. They represent an alternative to generate clean energy. Artificial Vision is a Spanish company tha have developed a system to reduce the impact that the wind farms have on the environment. We have talked with the CEO of the company, Antón Hernández.

What is Artificial Vision?

One of the main problems nowadays in wind farms is the great number of birds fatalities caused by their collision with the windmill blades. Our proposal is “Artificial Vision Air Detection”, a cutting edge system that avoids this situation automatically.

How does it work?

The system consists on a set of ultra high resolution cameras, artificial intelligence and deep learning to detect birds up to 600m away. When the birds are at least 300m away, the system tries to deterrence them. In the case that the bird is not deterred, the system commands the windmill to stop. This action can last between two and eight seconds. With this system is possible to reduce the amount of bird fatalities due to impacts with the windmill blades. This is quite important in a country like Spain, witch is a resting place for many species of migratory birds.

But this is not the only application of the system…

The same technology can be used to detect birds and drones in airports. A system with this characteristics could have avoided the incidence that happened some weeks ago in Madrid-Barajas International Airport. Anyway we have the ability to modify the configuration of our system on the client requirements, depending on the situation.

What is your customer profile?

The system can be used in diverse situations, many organizations can take advantage of it such as holders and operators of wind farms, ornithologist, environmental impact consulting companies, air administration authorities… Possibilities are endless.

When do you start to commercialize the system?

The system was born two years ago thanks to a research and development NeoTec program. The first twelve months we developed and test the system and the last year we have been commercializing it. Last year we were on WindEurope Conference & Exhibition in Bilbao where we could contact with top level international energy companies, they were very interested in the product. Right now the system is installed and working on several locations. You have to consider that the regulation differ from one autonomous community to another and the impact that the windfarms can have over the birds can result in negative consequences for the companies.

What are the future goals for the company?

It is estimated that the wind electric generation will duplicate in Spain for the year 2030, so we believe that our system can be very useful in order for this growth to be environmentally friendly . We are watching out for any new disrupting technology in the field, and thanks to our collaboration with the University, we will work to incorporate it to our system. At the same time we will keep working on the second area of business witch consist on an autopilot system to fly unmanned air vehicles from 50 to 4000kg, this product is developed by our other company, Airelectronics.