16 February, 2021 News

News on the U-Detection Report System 1.9.2 software version

Last year was a pretty interesting one at Artificial Vision headquarters. Not only this was the year when the product has become more mature and we have installed it in several locations belonging to really important clients, but also software-wise there have been developments on a number of very interesting features.

This new software version brings two important features (among many other):

Automatic report sending

The automatic report come in very handy for those users or managers at high level, environmental surveillance companies, etc. which only want to have a very quick glance of what’s going on without actually having to get into the system. This report contains summarized information of the configured period, such as detections and flights charts to compare with previous periods, averages, general comments to highlight certain information that the users can add, tags over highlighted flights, etc.

The report system can be configured to send this report by email as an attached PDF daily, weekly, monthly or annually. We consider this a very good way to keep the users informed without the actual need to keep an eye constantly on the system.

Camera grouping

This is a feature demanded by our clients and that we have taken as our own. Previously, cameras installed on different locations would generate flights separately. Now, it is possible to configure the cameras to group the detections made in the same location in the same flights. For example, let’s say we have installed 4 cameras in a location to cover 360° degrees of field view, all their information will appear grouped. This change ease the analysis work for the different locations. All this data is exportable the same way all the other sections of the system is.


Apart from these two improvements, we have improved several user interface aspects, software stability and general performance improvements.

Our commitment is to continue with this improvements policy during the product lifespan. All our clients have received them instantly with no further action.

Remember that if you want to try our report system you can freely do it here.