Control Module


Thanks to the control module, it is possible to establish a remote station to watch over and/or control the Deterrence Modules of the installation and Windturbine Brake Modules. This module lets the user to establish instructions or rules to automatise the detection and response actions. It is also possible to send messages to the operation and maintenance personnel of the wind farm.

This module consist of a dedicated severer and a VPN line for the exclusive use of the client and online access to the software. Elaborates reports automatically.


  • Control Module3.200€

*This concepts are mutually excluded.

**All prices shown are indicated for the first unit only, this prices may vary depending on the quantity.



  • Automatic operation rules
  • Integration of the detection modules of the wind farm
  • Automatic reports
  • Continuous memorisation
  • Automatic SMS/email alerts
  • Client dedicated server
  • Online access

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