1 March, 2019

Windturbine Brake Module


Unattended and real time interaction with the wind turbine braking system for the security of the birds and wind turbines. The delay time and duration of the braking is configurable depending on the trajectory and/or proximity of the bird.

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The module consist in a device connected to the wind turbine control computer and the ERROR103: Invalid ID sent..

The module is a computer installed in a rack in the SET building and connected to the SCADA through an Ethernet connection.

There are two different modules:

  • Bird Stop module. It is connected to the IA and 3D Stereoscopic cameras.
  • Bats Stop module. It is connected only to real time data received from Internet and the SCADA. With very little production loss, it is possible to stop the WTG only when conditions are favorable for the bat’s flight significantly mitigating their mortality.

Down time and start-up programmable in the detection module computer.

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